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Pinkie Sans
Do you want to have a bad time?

Drawn for Pinkie Day 2016.
Horror Pie
Don't let Pinkie's usual happiness fool you. She has ways to have fun with ponies lost in the Everfree Forest.

Drawn for Pinkie Day 2016.
Too see the Pinkie image in full, without the trees blocking:…
Cerulean Spin
One of my first time drawing digitally. Hope it looks alright.
UTF vs Ultimate Mega Gamer by UltraTF
Two fighters!
60 seconds!
No research!
One Minute Melee

UMG (Ultimate Mega Gamer) was surfing the internet, bored, when he came over a comment at the Death Battle wiki.

Random username: Can someone make a thumbnail for Bowser VS Dedede? Thanks!

After making and posting it, UMG reloaded the wiki activities where he saw UTF post his own thumbnail one second late.

A split second later, his door was punched opened, effectively breaking it.

UTF: You!

UMG: I'm warning you, stay back! Oh, and you have to pay for the door.

Go for broke!


UTF ran towards UMG, fist raised and ready.

UTF: Mega Punch!

UMG manages to teleport before the fist hit him to where the door used to be. The fist instead hit UMG's computer and it exploded.

UMG: Now you own me a computer too!


UMG pulls out his two glock 22s and starting spinning them, making them glow. UTF turned his head around and saw him.

UTF: Crap.

UTF ran behind a table and took cover. Soon, UMG's two blue glowing glocks were charged. Instead of firing them immediately, UMG went slowly towards the table. As he got closer and closer, he started to sweat, not sure if UTF have something planned or not.

When UMG got close enough to the table, he leaped over to the other side, and fired at the place where he thought UTF was.


However, UTF was no where no be seen.

UMG: What the!?

UTF: Behind ya.

UMG immediately turned behind, where he was punched in the face. The punch made him drop his two glock 22s and knocked him back and hit a wall. UMG stood up seconds later.

UMG: Alright, you asked for this.


UMG teleported in front of UTF and kicked him in the stomach. After a few punches and kicks, UTF laid on the ground, injured.

UMG starts to walk away as UTF stood up.

UTF: This isn't over yet!

UTF screamed and soon, he turned super saiyan. UMG looked at UTF with shock.


Then, UMG smirked and ripped his shirt off, revealing a Superman shirt.

UMG: You've watched Goku VS Superman before. You know who would win this.

UTF laughed.

UTF: That's only a shirt!


UMG: Oh, we'll see about that, loser.

Angered, UTF teleported in front of UMG and threw several punches and kicks. All of which seems to have no effect. UMG threw a punch and knocked UTF into a wall.

UTF: Oh, you forced me to do this. Kamehameha!

UTF begun and charge his kamehameha as UMG prepared to fire his heat vision.

The two fired their attacks at the same time. There was a huge explosion, which destroyed the whole of UMG's house. Below the debris, two person laid unconscious.

Double KO!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tie.




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